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"Economic success depends on a firm’s ability to continually reinvent itself through a steady process of innovation. Knowledge exchange is the seed of innovation and global economic advantage now depends on it. In today’s economy, the road to economic accumulation is through innovation. In short, the U.S. knowledge economy has become an innovation economy."


Assessing the economy, creating innovative solutions

The University of North Texas is home to one of the country’s leading economics research groups. By providing support to communities and industry, the Economics Research Group (ERG) is leading the study of the innovation economy, defining the dynamics of this economy and analyzing it to provide understanding and actionable data.

ERG conducts in-depth research, solving tough economic issues leading to new ideas and solutions facing society. Examples include water costs and impacts, efficiencies associated with the movement of goods, infrastructure development and integration assessment, and bio-based industry growth.

Committed to the creation and application of world-class economic strategies, ERG is working with global partners to assess the economy and transform data and trends into innovative, actionable solutions.

Areas of Expertise:

  • Innovation Economy
  • Social Network Theory
  • Embedded Economy
  • Creative Economy
  • Economic Impact Studies
  • Economic Development Strategies

ERG is led by internationally recognized economist, Dr. Michael C. Carroll, Ph.D. ERG includes a team versed in regional, national and international economics and market dynamics, industry and market trends, and social dynamics and impacts.