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Student Involvement

CARE thrives on student involvement and provides a platform for students to explore how their skillset can be leveraged in a challenging interdisciplinary environment. Student interns, research assistants, and doctoral candidates from multiple institutions and diverse fields have contributed to CARE.

  • If you are a student that is interested in participating in CARE, from the Universit of Dallas, you may find more information here.
  • If you are a medical or public health student, please contact Dr. Sandi Pruitt.
  • If you are a student at the University of North Texas or any other non-medical instituation, please contact Dr. Tammy Leonard.

CARE allumni include:

  • Undergraduate Students
    • John Herron (Business, University of Texas at Dallas)
    • Greg Pimental (Economics, University of Dallas)
    • Mark Houle (Economics, University of Dallas)
    • Kathryn Reed (Economics, University of Dallas)
    • John McDonald (Economics, University of Dallas)
    • Christian Huitz (Economics, University of Dallas)
    • Eileen Rauh (Unversity of Dallas)
  • Graduate Students
    • Xia Si (Economics, University of Texas at Dallas)
    • Schuyler Rouge (Economics, University of North Texas)
    • Christina Thi (Public Health, University of Texas School of Public Health)

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