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Mission Statement

Collaboration is required to compensate for market failure and ensure all households have an opportunity to meet their basic needs. CARe stimulates collaborations between people, places and organizations to support more comprehensive solutions for disadvantaged, underserved populations in Dallas County, and the organizations that serve them.

CARe leverages collaboration to facilitate:

  • Documentation of unmet needs in underserved populations
  • Research agendas aligned with the needs of underserved populations and the organizations that serve them
  • Communication of results to help the public and policy makers understand the problems and needs of the underserved

Current Focus

The CARe Initiative's focus is guided by defined projects that will inform near-term activities (the "What?"), methods by which the activities will be carried out (the "How?"), and the underlying reasons for undertaking those activities (the "Why").


A state-of-the-science, first-in-the-nation longitudinal health assessment of food insecure households. This will lead to better representation of the food insecure in health and healthcare research, intervention, and policy.


A large, multi-sectorial partnership with other institutions working to improve the lives of the food insecure in Dallas, TX.

Participatory research wherein clients inform the goals and needs of the populations they represent.


Comprehensive solutions have the potential to improve the welfare of the food insecure population through integration of services (e.g. financial, health, food).

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